Condition Monitoring System

eye condition monitoring system

Creating peace of mind by sharing our knowledge and empowering people and companies through our early-warning maintenance technology.


In order to avoid unplanned downtime, you need to be able to keep the finger on the pulse of your gearbox health condition.


eye is the first integrated easy-to-use service solution that guides and empowers you with knowledge and predictive data about the health condition of your gearboxes in an early stage.


Local and remote, realtime and 24/7.


Expand your knowledge with realtime data insights


  • Local & remote cloud-based data storage
  • Realtime, 24/7 monitoring of gearbox health condition to detect and predict failure in a very early stage


Extend the active service life of your gearboxes


  • Higher productvity
  • No unplanned downtime
  • Fast decision making and proactive action
  • Maximized system availability due to prolonged active life service of gearboxes


Avoid unplanned downtime & high-cost damages


  • Prevention of high repair costs
  • Better maintenance planning and budget control
  • Up  to 15x longer use of oil due to patented filter system


Contribute to a sustainable sompany environment


  • Up to 15x longer use of oil due to patented filter system
  • Move from a break and fix to a more sustainable product life cycle
  • Extension of the service life of the gearbox and thus reduction of CO2 emissions