Headquarters, Manufacturing, Assembly

Headquarters & Factory

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Gearbox Co., Ltd.

貝塚市, Osaka, Japan

TEL   +81 (72)431-6225
FAX   +81 (72)433-3227

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Gearbox Co., Ltd., with its headquarters and factory in Kaizuka, Osaka, manufactures and sells large industrial reducers and couplings.

As Japan's top manufacturer specializing in gears, along with its 100-year history and the accumulation of global standard technologies, we are committed to solving the continuing challenges of achieving smaller product footprints while pursuing high efficiency and high precision rotation.

We continue to research and develop new models and ways to expand the applications of gears and reducers.

Products manufactured: Special Reducers, SKK Gearmotor, Couplings, Gears