Assembly, Sales Office, Service Center

Hull, United Kingdom

SM‐Cyclo UK Ltd.

29 Bergen Way,
Hull, United Kingdom

TEL   +44 (1482)790340

SM-Cyclo UK, based in Hull, is the British subsidiary of Sumitomo Cyclo Drive Germany and serves the markets in Great Britain, parts of Africa and Middle East/Arabia.

Key Features

Engineering Hub

Design Capabilities

Facility Assembly Capabilities

Cyclo, HBB, BBB, HSM, Hyponic, PX, P4, M4ACC, SFC

Service / Aftermarket

On-site-service for UK, Europe, global service support. Repair, maintenance, spare parts and kits. On site working, working at height, working in enclosed space, service and repair of all IG products, inspection, design.

Sales / Sales Support

All Products

Local Stock

Geared motors, gearboxes for customized assembly


1214 m² / 13067 ft²

Land Area

2089 m² / 22485 ft²