smartris - Packaged-Drive Solution for AGV/AMR

Combination of three smart components. \n A compact, integrated, and intelligent solution of : Gear + Servo Motor + Drive.

Complete Package Solution of Gear, Servo Motor and Drive


  • Best fit for AGV or AMR driving
  • Compact size achieved by in-wheel structure
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Filled with long-life grease (when shipped from factory)
  • Maintenance free
  • Customization available on request

Key Customer Benefits

Up to 5500 kg
Total Weight (2 Driving Wheels + Supporting Wheels)
2.0 m/s
Max Speed
-10 to 40 °C
Ambient Temperature

Servo Motor & Gear

ECO Line

  • Gear Output Shaft Rotation Design
  • Cost efficient
  • Ideal for light payloads and high-speed AGV

PRO Line

  • Ring Gear Housing Rotation Design
  • High radial loads
  • Reduced overall dimension


  • Easy installation without additional PID tuning
  • Easy to install with state machine profile suitable for all AGVs
  • Specifically designed for prompt reaction in case of AGV emergency quick stop

Smartris installation example

Reasons for choosing smartris

Packaged-Drive Solution

Three key components: gear, servo motor and drive in one package. It provides a highly reliable solution for various types of AGV/AMRs.

Support a wide range of performance

Multiple sizes and reduction ratios are available. The optimum product can meet wide variety of AGV/AMR’s specifications; total weight (payload + body weight) and max speed.

Variety of control modes

Speed control, position control and torque control are supported. These three control modes enable high-precision control.

Global Supply Chain

We provide high quality products to the global market by utilizing our manufacturing facilities around the world.