smartis agv fts
smartis agv fts

smartris - Packaged-Drive Solution for AGV/AMR

Combination of three smart components. \n A compact, integrated, and intelligent solution of : Gear + Servo Motor + Drive.

Complete Package Solution of Gear, Servo Motor and Drive


  • Best fit for AGV or AMR driving
  • Compact size achieved by in-wheel structure
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Filled with long-life grease (when shipped from factory)
  • Maintenance free
  • Customization available on request

Key Customer Benefits

Up to 3600 kg
Total Weight (2 Driving Wheels + Supporting Wheels)
2.0 m/s
Max Speed
-10 to 40
Ambient Temperature
smartris 01

Servo Motor & Gear

ECO Line

  • Gear Output Shaft Rotation Design
  • Cost efficient
  • Ideal for light payloads and high-speed AGV

PRO Line

  • Ring Gear Housing Rotation Design
  • High radial loads
  • Reduced overall dimension


  • Easy installation without additional PID tuning
  • Easy to install with state machine profile suitable for all AGVs
  • Specifically designed for prompt reaction in case of AGV emergency quick stop

Smartris installation example

smartris 02

Reasons for choosing smartris

Packaged-Drive Solution

Three key components: gear, servo motor and drive in one package. It provides a highly reliable solution for various types of AGV/AMRs.

Support a wide range of performance

Multiple sizes and reduction ratios are available. The optimum product can meet wide variety of AGV/AMR’s specifications; total weight (payload + body weight) and max speed.

Variety of control modes

Speed control, position control and torque control are supported. These three control modes enable high-precision control.

Global Supply Chain

We provide high quality products to the global market by utilizing our manufacturing facilities around the world.

smartris  Drive Compact

smartris as small as mouse

The new super-compact drive for AGV and AMR applications is four times smaller than the standard drive and is suitable for our ECO-S line. This makes it the perfect solution for companies that want to optimise the space requirements of their AGVs and AMRs without compromising on performance.