Sumitomo opens the Cyclo-Center in Pune

Sumitomo (SHI) Cyclo Drive Germany GmbH, in the form of its subsidiary Sumi-Cyclo Drive India (“SMIN”), opens a modern Cyclo-Center in Pune, India, close to Mumbai. A total of 22 employees in the fields of development, sales, production and administration have considerably expanded possibilities for customer support. As the technology leader in the field of drive technology, the company has registered rapid growth in demand on the Indian sub-continent, particularly for geared motors with a power rating up to 2.2 kW. The new Cyclo-Center thus offers the most modern assembly and service facilities to enable Indian and international customer companies to be served locally, even more quickly and flexibly.

With its facility in Pune, Sumitomo can address the needs of the Indian growth market, with its local as well as Japanese and European customers, in a considerably better way. Besides its warehouse facility, the Cyclo-Center in Pune provides comprehensive assembly capacity for selected products. These include Cyclo-Drive gearboxes, geared motors and (Motion Control) precision gearboxes. Here the company also offers after-sales support, repairs and servicing for installed drives.

CEO EMEIA and Vice President of the SHI Group, Shaun Dean, sees the new facility as a strategic investment: “Over the past few years we have successfully developed in the high-growth Indian market. The new Cyclo-Center justifies the trust of our customers in our long-term service strategy. At the same time, we are building up urgently required resources in order to benefit from the enormous potential of this market more successfully in the future.”

The facility as a Cyclo-Center

In Pune, various different motor-driven assembly tables permit the assembly of Cyclo gearboxes up to size 610, Hyponic gearboxes up to size 1420 and Prest NEO gearboxes of size D30. These local assembly capacities allow Sumitomo to cope with the rapidly increasing demand for geared motors up to 2.2 kW. Additional assembly tables permit the assembly of gearboxes up to size 619. The service area is also well-equipped with heavy duty cranes, cleaning machines and assembly benches. Here we can even inspect, service and repair Paramax industrial gearboxes up to version SFC, size 065.

Working in accordance with globally uniform standards

The facility manager in Pune is Nepalese-born Kishore Pant, who has worked for Sumitomo for more than 13 years and who was the Sales and Marketing Manager here for Sumitomo Cyclo Drive South-East Asia (SCA): “I know the Indian market well and I'm looking forward to the new challenge. In the new facility, we will be working according to our globally applicable process and quality standards in the fields of technology, compliance and occupational safety. This means that, with the upcoming expansion and growth, not only will we be more flexible and quicker, but we will also be creating very attractive high-quality workplaces.”