Compatibility counts!

Original components guarantee complete compatibility. We manufacture spare parts on a separate in-house and state of the art production line, assuring you short delivery times. This dedicated production line entirely independent of the regular production facilities makes the difference. Larger parts however might be integrated into the regular manufacturing process of our gear department. Our high-tech hardening process and the specific gear geometry add to the reliability and performance of the 100% replaceable gears, even those dating back to the elder “Hansen Patent” ranges. We also offer an optimal supply of spares for other gearboxes. They are manufactured in our own workshop as well, by our specialist machine operators and are subject to our own strict in-house-quality-control testing. Prolong the lifetime of your product by choosing our experience!


Looking for a specific part?

Find your product below to download a complete parts list that includes model variations. Sumitomo Drive Technologies sells replacement parts kits for many products. Contact your closest facility for details.

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Cyclo HBB Input / Output
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