Empfang Sumitomo Drive Technologies

20 Years of “Sumitomo Drive Technologies”

The 1st of October 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the global brand "Sumitomo Drive Technologies." It was launched to consolidate the global business activities of the Sumitomo Heavy Industries Power Transmission and Controls Group (PTC).

20 Years of our Global Brand 202309 Logo Digital
A Global Success Story

Exactly 20 years ago, in October 2003, the PTC's global branches announced their joining of the new global brand. Since then, Sumitomo Drive Technologies has continuously expanded its presence in over 34 countries across five continents. This impressive expansion includes not only the successful integration of the Lafert Group and Invertek Drives, along with their total of 37 subsidiaries, but also the seamless collaboration with local divisions, all operating under the umbrella of the parent company.

The Essence of the Brand

In a nutshell, the brand name "Sumitomo Drive Technologies" embodies the essence of the capabilities, capacities, and commitments of this global technology company, serving industries and sectors worldwide.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies Produktion

Today, 20 years later, Sumitomo Drive Technologies is a global ambassador with 15 manufacturing facilities and more than 300 assembly centers and sales offices. With the new mission aiming to "deliver the best possible drive solutions to build a better tomorrow," the company is well-equipped to expand its business, enhance its service, and maintain high-quality standards worldwide.

A Shared Vision

Together with its employees, partners, and customers, Sumitomo Drive Technologies strives to create a better world, deliver effective solutions, and build on a passion for technology. Regardless of the global challenges of the past 20 years and those that may come in the years ahead, the company has consistently worked towards a better and more sustainable world.

Tatsuro Araki, Director at Sumitomo Heavy Industries and Senior Vice President as well as General Manager of the PTC Division, sums it up: "Sumitomo Drive Technologies is not just a brand. It is the soul of who we are, it is the representation of our evolution as a company, and even better, it is our global identity that enhances the opportunity to improve our world by providing the best drive solutions and the most efficient products in the Power Transmission and Controls Industry.”