Further development: E-Cyclo transmission for latest drive solutions

With the further developed E-Cyclo transmission series named ECY, drive specialist Sumitomo (SHI) Cyclo Drive Germany (under the umbrella brand Sumitomo Drive Technologies) offers appropriate components for modern production, such as those required in robotics. ECY gears are used in devices that require maximum precision with absolute motion repeatability also in smallest installation spaces. Robot-assisted applications are increasingly taking over small and simple tasks, where often even smallest masses must be moved, thus providing a cost-effective alternative to conventional production methods. Sumitomo has developed the ECY gears especially for this purpose. The ECY series combines principles of an ordinary strain wave gearbox with the technology of a cycloid gearbox, thus perfectly meeting the requirements of the changing industry. With the necessary reliability in precision and power transmission, ECY gearboxes are smaller and lighter than comparable products and offer highest precision for backlash-free applications even in the smallest installation spaces. ECY provides high strength with a compact structure and is available in three sizes with three reduction ratios each.

The smallest E-Cyclo in the series, the ECY-103, measures 74 mm in outer diameter and 52.5 mm in length. Beside a total weight of 0.9 kg it offers an extended large hollow shaft diameter of 19 mm. All ECY gearboxes have enlarged hollow drive shaft diameters, as it allows effective use of space between the hollow shaft and your cables, shafts and supply lines. With this, all media can easily be passed through the hollow shaft. The integrated bearing allows high loads on the output side, offers backlash-free power transmission and high transmission accuracy combined with maximum rigidity. Compared to a conventional strain wave gear unit of the same size, the torsional stiffness is about twice as high. This enables a more compact unit with a lower transmission error. Sumitomo offers this compact gear unit series especially for high-precision applications such as machine tools, positioners, handling robots and collaborating robots (Cobots).