Precision gear units for factory automation and robotics

Sumitomo offers drive solutions for all industries

Our world would be very different without automation and robotic applications. Wherever there is a need to move something be it mechanically, automatically or by machine there is a need for a drive. Differing duty requirements dictate that a drive must have a number of performance characteristics to meet the application. At the drive specialists, Sumitomo Drive Technologies, the range of high precision gear drives allow solutions for the smallest of installation spaces to high torque drives for large systems. The requirements can however be particularly demanding and diverse in the field of factory automation and robotics. Sumitomo offers solutions for each and every application with its versatile (Fine Cyclo) zero backlash precision gear drive units.

In factory automation the demanding requirements can cover exact positioning in pick & place robots and positioning tables, as well as precise movements in welding robots and machine tools. Storage technology on the other hand requires the ability to carry high loads and to sometimes achieve high speeds. Rotating systems can conversely have a high inertia requirement in applications like painting robots and work transfer robots where high repeatability is required.

The backlash free Fine Cyclo precision gears from Sumitomo are versatile and meet all these requirements to the highest degree. They are cost effective, virtually maintenance free and, due to their special design, are also available without main bearings allowing integration into the final machine. The Series A Fine Cyclo range is available in six sizes with exact gear ratios of 29, 59, 89, 119 & 179 and with a lost motion of <1 arc.min. Depending on the model an acceleration torque of 7,610Nm, a drive speed up to 6,150rpm and a torsional stiffness of up to 1,100Nm/arc.min. can be achieved. A motor attachment with keyed drive or a clamp ring coupling are available for many different motor variants. The C series Fine Cyclo units have an enlarged hollow inputshaft which allows the passage of various media (e.g. cables, cooling etc.) which can be exceedingly beneficial in swivel tables with a rotating structure requiring a central feed.

The latest series of Fine Cyclo the DA (F4CD-DA) offers single stage precision gears developed to have significantly higher torque capacity per unit size and a torque density that is basically comparable with two stage gear units. The DA units can also accept higher tilting and overhung loads. The line-up of sizes has been successfully expanded and the unit sizes adapted in response to customer demands for more individuality. These gears are approx.8% smaller in diameter and 5% shorter on average yet the performance has been increased by approx.20%. This results in higher performance with space saving opportunities within the application together with weight reduction. The optimized design of the new DA series allows very low noise levels.

Sumitomo also offer a range of ‘IB’ precision planetary gearheads for use in various precision applications including a right angled input. These can be very useful in applications where there is limited installation space such as workplace manipulators for welding robots. Many design variants in a number of different ratios are offered including the option of an angular pre-stage. The IB series units allow easy installation, in any position and are maintenance free. The large angular contact precision bearings and precise internal interfaces ensure a long service life and quiet running. The units have a compact design and are particularly suitable for heavy loads due to their high torque density. The helical gearing ensures the best possible torque transmission with the lowest vibration and noise. Each unit can accommodate a wide range of servomotors with a large range of motor adaptor sizes c/w clamp ring available.