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Visitor-robot interaction at automatica 2023

Sumitomo Drive Technologies: Visitor-robot interaction at automatica 2023

Modular drive solutions for robotics and autonomous mobility in logistics combine the tradition of Cyclo reducers with the future of Industry 4.0

Markt Indersdorf (Germany), June 2, 2023

TUAKA Mensch-Maschine Interaktion

Sumitomo Drive Technologies will be presenting its drive solutions for automation and robotics at automatica 2023 in Munich from June 27 to 30, alongside Lafert Group. At its booth (Hall B6, Stand 321), Sumitomo Drive Technologies will be showcasing two different applications of its award-winning Tuaka drive system for robot applications. Tuaka is a fully integrated drive that won the prestigious Hermes Award last year. Tuaka drives can be configured modularly, with high-resolution encoders, integrated torque sensor or extended safety functions. This allows companies to flexibly build and program any type of robot application requiring maximum precision.

"Our Tuaka drives exemplify our wide range of complete drive solutions and precision gearboxes for automation and robotics. For applications demanding maximum precision and reliability, we have the right solution. Visitors can see this for themselves live at our booth," says Michael Berger, Product Manager Motion Control Drives at Sumitomo Drive Technologies.

Michael Berger
Robotic applications made easy: Tuaka in action

With its integrated torque sensor, the Tuaka actuator on show at automatica illustrates how easy it is to put together highly complex automation solutions. Trade visitors will get to experience this at first hand thanks to a simple example of human-robot interaction. A single, hand-guidable axis will be on display, allowing visitors to feel the sensitivity for themselves. The fine and highly responsive resolution of the torque is not only important for human-oriented automation solutions; it can also protect the workpiece and machine and boost overall system performance. The direct processing of information about the applied torque in the controller of the Tuaka Drive axes gives customers every chance to design highly powerful and innovative systems.

At the booth, visitors will also be able to see a three-axis robotic arm in action, equipped with three Tuaka Drive actuators. This will be an opportunity to experience the interaction of multiple Tuaka Drive actuators, providing an inspirational illustration of how easily a robot can be built using any structural components. The addition of various cutting-edge features such as collision detection highlights the potential offered by a collaborative robot.

Tuaka owes its high precision to backlash-free gears from the new E CYCLO series coupled with a powerful servo motor, suitable for the smallest of installation spaces and with a lightweight design. The excellent rigidity reduces interference, making it ideal for high-precision applications and dynamic motion control with a high repetition rate.

Compact AGVs and AMRs: drive four times smaller than the standard model

Alongside the other products on display at automatica, Sumitomo Drive Technologies will also be presenting a new version of its drive for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The Smartris Drive Compact is a compact drive, no larger than a computer mouse and just a quarter of the size of the standard model but with the same functionality.

The Smartris drive package, which combines three components (gear, servo motor, and drive) was developed jointly by Sumitomo Drive Technologies and Lafert Group. The AGV/AMR solution is available in three sizes and different versions. When combined with the Eco-S series, the new Smartris Drive Compact can transport a total weight of up to 800 kg at a speed of up to 2.0 m/s.

smartris weel and driver 2023

The single-stage cyclo principle in the gearbox, the directly mounted servo motor and the in-wheel structure all help to keep Smartris compact. Smartris has been specially designed for flexible use in confined installation situations and meets the standard industry requirements for technology and reliability.

More modularity for precision gears
Fine Cyclo Serie

The centrepiece of Sumitomo Drive Technologies' robotics and automation gearbox solutions is the Fine Cyclo gearbox series. More information about how the company has further expanded its range of precision gearbox products will be available at the booth.

Gearboxes in the Fine Cyclo DA series can now be attached to any motor thanks to a modular system. The performance density combined with compact design and the possible reduction ratios have been further enhanced from previous models. Modularisation also enables shorter delivery times and flexibility for a large number of motor combinations. As a rule, the basic gearbox is available ex stock, while flange mounting is based on the wide range of available motor adapters.