paper and pulpmill

Hansen P4: the industrial gearbox for pulper drives

The Hansen P4 is the perfect industrial gearbox to drive your pulp processing machinery. Head this way for an overview of all its features and product details!

Heavy-duty application requires a dedicated product!

Pieces of paper are as light as a feather, but the machines that make them weigh tonnes and are extremely powerful. Pulpers require robust and heavy-duty components in order to suspend fibres in a way that keeps flakes to a minimum. The Hansen P4 perfectly links the motor and pulper screw to achieve that. The dedicated vertical design makes the high-performance industrial gearbox simply ideal for powering pulpers and mixers. The Hansen P4 is low-maintenance and offers a vast array of practical features.

Our Hansen P4 gearbox - your gearbox solution for your pulper drive

P4 Pulper
7 different sizes (and more upon request)
Nominal torque
38-235kNm (and even larger upon request)
Reduction ratio
up to 22:4:1 (and even larger upon request)
2-stage, right-angle high-performance gearbox
Pulper industrial gearboxes: optimal performance driven by brand quality

Conventional drive solutions quickly reach their limits in the paper, cardboard and wood handling industry. Pulpers in particular require powerful and durable industrial gearboxes – and this is where the products from the tried-and-tested Hansen P4 range come in. Decades worth of experience and more than 10,000 machines in action at industrial companies are proof of Hansen’s quality and reliability. The Hansen P4 model is specially adapted to applications involving high loads. Designed as a vertical, multistage industrial gearbox, it is the solution for pulpers.

The Hansen P4 harmoniously brings the motor and pulper screw together like never seen before. It is suitable for pulper installations with either a high or low consistency.

The Hansen P4 industrial gearbox – a pulper powerhouse

Pulper screw Hansen P4

↓ Fx: Axial Forces Dynamic and static from the impeller weight

→ Fr: Radial Forces Resulting from the impact of paper bales dumped in to the pulper

The foundation should be very strong too to absorb the shock loads

Pulper drawing

The gear unit of a pulper installation is always located under the pulper vessel and carries the loads of both the pulper screw and the reactional forces of mixing the slurry. 

Hansen P4 Pulper Edition

The extremely rigid and durable housing has an unparalleled load-bearing capacity and keeps losses as low as possible.

The Hansen P4 really thinks outside the box. Its proven gear geometry minimises noise and vibrations. In this respect, ingenious design details make the Hansen P4 the ideal pulper gearbox:

  • The Hansen P4 is incredibly robust thanks to reinforced bearings and can optimally balance high axial loads.
  • The output shaft of the industrial gearbox has an increased diameter and extended bearing span for withstanding the extreme radial loads when used together with pulpers. Special output shaft as per customer design is always possible.
  • Symmetrical mounting points around the output shaft evenly distribute the forces. The gearbox also smoothly dissipates pressing forces toward the concentrically arranged mounting feet.
  • The gearbox housing offers maximum strength and rigidity to perfectly align the gear structure and ensure balanced bearing loading – meeting even the most stringent performance requirements. This makes our gearboxes withstand easily the impact of falling bales of paper during loading.

Practical features and sophisticated design

P4 Pulpere half open

The Hansen P4 industrial gearbox keeps its cool, keeps it together and runs like clockwork – throughout its entire service life. Equipped with numerous useful features, it performs outstandingly day in, day out and delivers a level of reliability that engineers and production employees can’t get enough of.

Powerful gears
Having one of the highest torque densities on the market, the Hansen P4 is the ideal gearbox for pulpers – a proven design, quiet operation and maximum load capacity are just some of its advantages.
Optimally protected against external factors
The oil lock and labyrinth seal offer reliable protection against moisture and dust entering the gearbox. A slinger disc also prevents the deposition of slurry material on top of the labyrinth seal and is available as a one-piece or maintenance-friendly two-piece variant.
Impressive lubrication and low oil consumption
The Hansen P4 industrial gearbox boasts an efficient pump lubrication system; an oil flow switch and oil filter are also integrated as standard. Measuring instruments, such as condition monitoring for the oil temperature and lubricant level, are available as optional extras.
Convenient service work at any time
Your technicians will be amazed by the service-friendly, horizontal split-plane design and maintenance-free drive shaft seal. The internal parts of the pulper industrial gearbox can be inspected and maintained via an easy-to-access inspection cover.
Extra features
To make sure the Hansen P4 doesn’t lose its cool even during intense operation, it can be enhanced with an optional cooling group or external cooling fan, which guarantee reliable lubrication. Central drain lines can also be placed under the bearing covers to minimise the water in the gearbox in very humid environments.
The Hansen P4 for pulpers – driving your success

By opting for the Hansen P4 industrial gearbox, you’ll be giving your pulper drive a gearbox solution that is second to none. Thanks to its versatile range of sizes, you’ll be sure to find the right one for your needs – failing that, we’d be more than happy to customise something for you on request. Our experts are ready and waiting to advise you on individual configuration options and implementation scenarios. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!