Helical Shaft Mount Product Render
Helical Shaft Mount Product Render

Helical Shaft Mount (HSM)

Helical Shaft-Mounted Speed Reducer (HSM) is one of the most popular products in our portfolio.

Sumitomo Helical Shaft Mount (HSM)

  • Keyless Taper-Grip Bushing
  • 25-Degrees Pressure-Angled Gears
  • Integrated BackStop Option
  • Heavy Duty Roller Bearings for Maximum Strength and Extended Life


Output Taper-Grip Bushing and Parallel Bore

Hollow Shaft

Sizes 13 frame sizes 
Ratio 5:1 to 25:1 
Power Range 0.20 kW to 220 kW
Torque Capacity up to 44 051 Nm
Motor Standard Global Standards





Helical Shaft-Mounted Speed Reducer (HSM)

Helical Shaft-Mounted Speed Reducer (HSM) features patented keyless, steel Taper-Grip bushing for easy mounting and as well as traditional keyed hub option


0.01 %
Warranty Claims
1 Million +
Units Sold
80 Years +
History and Experience


Intergral Pinion

Robust, integrated input shafts and pinions providing reliability and durability

Taper Grip Bush

Simple keyless mounting and easy removal

Case Design

Gear case is manufactured from grey cast iron, and is precision bored and doweled to ensure accurate assembly.

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