Hansen M5CT

Dedicated for Cooling- and Carbon capture Technologies

  • Vertical Right Angle 2-stage industrial gearbox series.
  • Specifically designed for fan drive applications:
    • Wet Cooling Towers (WCT)
    • Air Cooled Condensers (ACC)
    • Direct Air Capturing (DAC)
  • Dedicated product: cost efficient, robust & easy to maintain.
  • Available in 7 sizes (13-53 kNm).

Dedicated design, increase of dynamic stability

Rigid dedicated Hansen M5CT housing design ensures smooth transition of high axial loads coming from the cooling fan through the gearbox center bore towards the mounting feet, which are positioned concentric to the output shaft.

Extended Bearing span with heavy-duty roller bearings, specifically selected for strong shaft support.

Key Product Facts

13-53 kNm
Output Torque
7 sizes
Right-angle gearboxes
2 -stage
Reduction ratios 6.3 - 22.4

Advantages of Hansen M5CT Cooling Technology series

Dedicated product
Best possible fit for the application Wet Cooling Towers & Air Cooled Condensers
High resistance in corrosive and extreme humidity environments
Use of specific materials fit for the application
Rigid housing
Robust to withstand peak loads coming from the rough application
Unique micro geometry of the gears
Resulting in an optimized pressure distribution
Maintenance friendly
E.g. Specific Oil seals and Inspection cover
Reliable Lubrication
Splash and optional pump, both without outside piping
CTI Specification Design
In accordance with the Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) standard
Instruments & accessories
E.g. Optional condition monitoring: temperature & vibrations
Specific adapter plates
Easy to replace gearboxes in existing installations
ATEX / UKCA EX certification
Certification for explosive environments
More than just a gearbox - complete drive solutions for industrial plants

We supply individually matched gearboxes and components for every drive package, including support structures or motor adapters with clutches, brakes, motors, auxiliary drives and matching guards. 

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