PARAMAX® 9000 Reducer

Flexible gearbox series, engineered and produced in Europe

  • Local engineered and produced range available in 8 sizes, ensuring short delivery times and quick support. Other sizes available directly from the global factories.
  • Parallel and right Angle - 2/3/4 stage gearboxes with solid and hollow output shaft (key, shrink disk).
  • Specifically for small and medium torque applications with horizontal output shaft (material handling, applications, cranes, horizontal mixers, …).
  • Complete Drive packages with baseplate/motor lantern available including couplings, brakes, and motors.
  • Numerous other options and accessories: condition monitoring, backstop, cooling fan, …
  • For larger gearboxes above 80kNm consider also using the Hansen P4 horizontal- and Hansen P4 vertical multistage series


Paramax Competence Center

PARAMAX 9000 - Engeneered and produced in Europe

Competences in one location

All technical and commercial competences bundled in one location

Knowledge in Europe

Engineering and application knowledge in Europe

Short delivery time

Local production to ensure short delivery time

Short ways to customers

Short ways to customers

Technical support

Quick technical support and service

Rush deliveries

Enable rush deliveries for exceptional circumstances

15 -75 kNm
Output Torque
8 sizes
Local Designed Range
2/3/4 -stages
Parallel & Right-angle Gearboxes

Product Features

Engineering and application knowledge
Quick Technical Support and Service in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa
Local production & inventory stock
Short ways to customers to ensure short delivery time. Enables rush deliveries for exceptional circumstances
Fine torque grading
Best possible selection for low- to medium torques. Together with Hansen P4 a large portfolio is offered.
Powerful Gear Geometry
For maximum load capacity, minimum losses & lower noise levels
Various application usage
Flexible mounting possibilities, typically for material handling, conveyors, cranes.
Numerous Instruments & Accessories
Condition monitoring instruments, Cooling devices & Complete Drive Packages (including base plates or lantern housings, motors, couplings, ...)
ATEX / UKCA EX certification
Certification for explosive environments
More than just a gearbox - complete drive solutions for industrial plants

We supply individually matched gearboxes and components for every drive package, including support structures or motor adapters with clutches, brakes, motors, auxiliary drives and matching guards. 

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