Hansen P4 Single Stage

Optimal balance between Mechanical, Thermal and Bearing ratings

The Hansen P4 single stage gearbox is available in a parallel horizontal configuration. Technically balanced between optimum thermal and mechanical performance there are mainly 2 series available:

  • The standard single stage series with a monoblock housing are available in 5 sizes with a power rating up to 4MW.
  • The heavy duty single stage series has a housing with horizontal split plane and a dedicated pressure lubrication system with a power rating up to 12MW (available in 4 sizes).

Key Product Facts

1 stage
With a wide range of reduction ratios
12 MW
Maximum power rating
9 sizes
Parallel gearboxes

Advantages of Hansen P4 single stage series

Powerfull Gear Geometry
For maximum load capacity, minimum losses & lower noise levels
Specific Housing
Single stage application-oriented
Large Inspection Cover
Above the oil level for easy and quick inspection without oil drainage
Maintenance-Free Sealing
Oil-lock, designed to keep the oil in and dirt out
Reliable Lubrication
Dedicated pressure lubrication system for heavy-duty
Instruments & Accessories
Application oriented cooling devices, condition monitoring, etc.
ATEX / UKCA EX certification
Certification for explosive environments
More than just a gearbox - complete drive solutions for industrial plants

We supply individually matched gearboxes and components for every drive package, including support structures or motor adapters with clutches, brakes, motors, auxiliary drives and matching guards. 

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