Hansen M4 ACC

Powerful solution for Air Cooled Condensers

  • Specifically designed for Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) drives.
  • Our 'Dedicated' products offer a cost effective, robust & efficient solution.
  • Standard with lantern housing, allowing an alignment-free connection of a motor on the top of the gear unit.
  • Available in 6 sizes (20-70 kNm).

Key Product Facts

70 kNm
Maximum output Torque
6 sizes
in a dedicated housing
15.000 +
Installations in the field

Advantages of Hansen M4 ACC - Air Cooled Condenser Series

Dedicated Monobloc Housing
With lantern and integrated lubrication (no outside piping), ideal for ACC application and easy to install
Optimized Gear Geometry
Maximum load capacity, minimum losses & lower noise
Leakage-Free Drywell
Standard optimal sealing at the low speed shaft
Lubrication Insured
Also at windmilling conditions.
Optimized Selection Method
Taking start- and stop conditions into account
CTI Specification Design
In accordance with the Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) standard
More than just a gearbox - complete drive solutions for industrial plants

We supply individually matched gearboxes and components for every drive package, including support structures or motor adapters with clutches, brakes, motors, auxiliary drives and matching guards. 

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