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Energy-efficient drive package accelerates logistics applications

Sumitomo Drive Technologies is expanding its range of drive solutions with an energy-efficient drive package for high-speed applications such as baggage handling systems at airports, parcel sorting in logistics centres or automated storage systems.

The new BBB-H IE5 drive package in the 0.75-4 kW power range consists of a Sumitomo helical-bevel gearbox in direct-mounted combination with a powerful Lafert HPS IE5 permanent magnet synchronous motor and Invertek Optidrive E3 or P2 series frequency inverters.

The drive solution was jointly developed by Sumitomo, Lafert and Invertek under the umbrella of the Sumitomo Drive Technologies family. The individual components are matched to each other to achieve maximum energy savings and compactness in high-speed solutions.

Bevel Buddy Box with IE5 Moto

Energy efficiency class Ultra Premium IE5

Available in five sizes, the BBB-H is a bevel helical gearbox with a low transmission ratio (5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 25, 30) and high efficiency (>90%). The input speeds up to 3,600 rpm (120 Hz) enable a high working speed of the connected machine. Reliable hardened steel gearing in a lightweight, compact housing allows easy installation with less stress on the head shaft. The aluminium construction ensures a high thermal load capacity.

Thanks to the maintenance-free lifetime grease lubrication, the drive can be mounted in any orientation without customer-specific modifications - contamination of the surroundings and thus the environment through oil leakage is avoided.

The Lafert High Performance HPS motor, a generation of permanent magnet synchronous motors, meets the energy efficiency class Ultra Premium IE5 and combines the electrical design of brushless servo motors with the mechanical design of AC induction motors. In addition to higher efficiencies than standard AC induction motors, the series improves the power-to-weight ratio - making the drive solution smaller and lighter.

Combined with Invertek Optidrive inverters, the BBB-H IE5 drive package promises lower operating and maintenance costs and significant energy savings.

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