Bevel Buddybox - BBBH with IE5 Gearmotor

Gear with Ultra-Premium Efficiency IE5 Motor

Sophisticated right angle hollow shaft gearmotor with IE5 Ultra-Premium Efficiency Motor

  • High performance IE5 permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Compact and highly efficient drive-package consisting of motor, gear and VFD
  • High input speeds up to 3600 rpm

The Drive-package in a range of 0,75–4kW consists of Sumitomo BBB-H Series which is a high sophisticated right angle bevel helical Gearmotor IE5 permanent magnet synchronous motors.

Optidrive E3
Invertek Optidrive E3 is the compact, reliable and easy to use inverter which provides a precise motor control and energy savings.

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Optidrive P2
Optidrive P2 is the perfect combination of high performance together with ease of use allows even the most demanding applications to be tackled.

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IE 5
Ultra Permium Efficiency Motor
High speed
up to 3600 rpm Inpout speed
Compact size
Full Package with Gearbox + Motor + VFD
High efficiency Bevel Gear + Helical Gear
Compact Case
High Speed Operations
Lubrication Using a Long-Lasting Grease

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