Tuaka Robot

More modularity in precision gearboxes

Sumitomo Drive Technologies at SPS Italia 2023, Hall 5, Booth M020

Drive solutions for robotics and AGV/AMR combine the tradition of the Cyclo gearbox with the innovation of Industry 4.0

Markt Indersdorf (Germany) / Venezia Noventa di Piave (Italy), May 16, 2023

Sumitomo Drive Technologies Finecyclo Da Series

Sumitomo Drive Technologies will be presenting its drive solutions for automation and Industry 4.0 together with the Lafert Group at SPS Italia in Parma from May 23 to 25. The focus of the trade fair presentation will be the expansion of the Fine Cyclo series from Sumitomo Drive Technologies: always synonymous with high precision, compact design and high-power density, it now offers even more possibilities thanks to greater modularity.

The Fine Cyclo DA series can now be fitted to any motor by building a modular input-side connection system. In addition, the range of possible gear reductions and the various power levels has been significantly increased compared to before. The implementation of a modular transmission input system also enables shorter delivery times and flexibility. Typically, the main body of the gearbox comes from stock and flange mounting is done based on the wide range of inputs available, or "ad hoc".

"Our trade show appearance is under the motto 'More modularity - More possibilities!' We have once again expanded our product portfolio of Motion Control units. When applications require the highest precision and reliability, we have the right solution," says Michael Berger, Product Manager Motion Control Drives.

Award-winning drive package for robotics applications: Tuaka

The full potential of precision drives is demonstrated by the new Tuaka fully integrated drive for robotic applications, winner of the prestigious Hermes Award 2022. Visitors to SPS Italia can see Tuaka's performance for themselves by observing a three-axis robotic arm in continuous operation.

At the heart of Tuaka is a backlash-free, high-precision shaft drive of the new Elastic Cyclo series coupled with a powerful servo motor in the smallest possible package space with low weight. The above-average stiffness reduces interference - for high-precision applications and dynamic motion control with a high repetition rate. Thanks to the modular configurations with high-resolution encoders, integrated torque sensor or extended safety functions, the actuators integrate flexibly into any type of robotics application.

Compact AGV and AMR systems: new version of Smartris
smartris weel and driver 2023

At SPS Italia, Sumitomo Drive Technologies will also exhibit a new version of its drive for applications in automated guided vehicle (AGV) and autonomous mobile robot (AMR) systems. The Smartris Drive Compact is a compact drive controller, no bigger than a computer mouse and just a quarter of the size of the standard model.

The Smartris drive package is a joint development of Sumitomo Drive Technologies and Lafert Group and combines the three components: gearbox, servo motor and drive. The AGV/AMR solution is available in three sizes and different versions. When combined with the Eco-S series, the new Smartris Drive Compact can transport a total weight of up to 800 kg at a speed of up to 2.0 m/s.

The single-stage cyclo principle in the gearbox, the directly mounted servo motor and the in-wheel structure all help keep the Smartris especially compact. Compact AGVs can manoeuvre in tight spaces and narrow aisles, making them very flexible. They can be used in different environments, including production plants, warehouses, and distribution centres.