Fine Cyclo DA-Series

Gears with high precision and the highest torque density in a single stage

Angular contact ball bearings integrated directly into the gearbox housing.

The improved design provides very accurate motion quality with increased torque density and bearing capacity.

  • Highest torque density of our single stage gearboxes
  • Ideal for robotic and machine tool applications
  • Fully sealed modular design available with motor adapter and clamping ring

Key Product Facts

4000 Nm
Acceleration Torque
540 Nm
Torsional Stiffness
8000 Nm
Max. Peak Torque

Advantages of Fine Cyclo DA-Series

Ultra compact design
Approx. 8% smaller in diameter and >5% shorter in length and 25% high torque
Great price advantage
Use of the single-stage DA gearboxes results in significant cost advantages compared to available two-stage gearboxes of the identical torque class
Noise levels optimised and significantly reduced
Important factor when people are working near the drive applications, as for example in the medical field.
Easy installation in application
Connection geometry does not require a complex installation, nor does it require an adjustment of the drive shaft
Fully flexible design
Connection of several motor shaft diameters is possible, allowing the use of motors from many different manufacturers
Fully sealed version
Lifetime lubricated ex works

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