Fine Cyclo UA-Series

Double stage high precision high torque density gearbox

Spur gear pre-stage and three to four (UA115) eccentrics providing highest transmission accuracy, minimum speed ripples and minimum vibration.

The new UA series offers further improved performance data in regards to torque density, positioning accuracy and movement accuracy. It's high efficiency even at low speed and the improved output bearings are to be mentioned in addition to that.

  • Less than 0.5 arcmin Lost Motion
  • Ideal for applications with traverse movements
  • Highest Torque density available on the market
  • Highest overall available Torque
  • High input and output speeds possible
  • Additional ratios available on request


  • Basic design to be fully integrated in robotic arms
  • Fully sealed version including motor flange available

Key Product Facts

30000 Nm
Acceleration Torque
60 rpm
Output Speed
8 sizes

Advantages of Fine Cyclo UA-Series

Extremely smooth traverse movements
High Torsional Stiffness
up to 6000 Nm/arcmin
Smallest Moments of Inertia
Huge Overload Capacity
Up to 60000 Nm Momentary Peak Torque
Up to 88000 Nm Momentary Bending Moment
High Efficiency
Easy Assembly And Motor Mounting
Fully sealed version including motor flange and customised input shaft

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