ZSP – Cyclo/Planet Line

The double-stage, high-load centrifuge gearbox for reduction ratios and differential speeds with a proven flange design and all-steel construction.

The drives in the ZSP – Cyclo/Planet Line are suitable for all types of centrifuges:

  • ZSPN – for centrifuges with a trailing scroll
  • ZSPV – for centrifuges with a leading scroll
  • ZSPR – regulated drive for centrifuges (four-shaft drive)

Key Product Facts

Double-Stage Reduction Ratio
46,000 Nm
Maximum Torque
sizes from 630 Nm to 46,000 Nm

Features and Benefits of ZSP – Cyclo/Planet Line

Optimized Housing
Coaxial all-steel housing optimized for use with centrifuges
Compact Design
Compact and short design leads to stiffer running of the centrifuge with less vibration
Long Lifetime
High levels of operating safety and impact-load tolerance
Oil-bath lubrication with closed gearbox / Food grade version available
Suitable for centrifuge models with an internal or external drive / Suitable for centrifuges with a fixed high speed shaft (torque arm or double belt drive) or with 2 motors with BackDrive (ZSPN/ZSPV) or 2 motors with regulating drive (ZSPR)
High Efficiency
High efficiency and low-operating temperature
Able to be designed according to individual customer specifications
Complete housing balanced (DIN ISO 1940)
ATEX Certified
ATEX certification in accordance with Group II (optional)

Related ZS / ZSP / ZP Centrifuge Drives products

ZPN for centrifuges with a trailing scroll
ZP – Planet Line

Double or triple-stage planetary rotation gearbox

The highly dynamic centrifuge drive for high drum and differential speeds with a proven flange design and all-steel construction. Scroll connection with DIN5480 hollow shaft.

Torque range
5000 Nm - 40000 Nm
44254 in-lbs - 354030 in-lbs
Ratio range
20:1 - 224:1
20:1 - 224:1
ZS-L – compact high-performance drive
ZS – Cyclo Line

Single stage Cyclo rotation gearbox

The compact and high-capacity centrifuge drive in a flange design and all-steel construction.

Torque range
300 Nm - 46000 Nm
2655 in-lbs - 407134 in-lbs
Ratio range
6:1 - 87:1
6:1 - 87:1