Ecological footprint


Sustainability is important to us.

Saving energy and climate-neutral production are only part of it. Environmental protection, human rights, health of employees, customers and end customers and much more is also close to our heart.

We are constantly optimising processes, developing and improving. 
This is also reflected in our sustainability ratings:

Our sustainability ratings:

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Sumitomo (SHI) Cyclo Drive Germany achieves a green assessment result overall.

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The SHI Group, which includes Sumitomo Drive Technologies, was awarded silver.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies Sustainability News

Climate-neutral production
Energy saving plan

Comprehensive energy saving plan at the Markt Indersdorf site

Energy Saving / Clean Energy

Sumitomo drives CO2 reduction at the site
Climate-neutral energy mix

To produce it's own energy, Sumitomo Drive Technology invests in a renewable energy mix.

Fair and better world

fair and better world

inspired by the values of sustainable development