F2C-T cylindrical housing with integrated tapered roller bearings

Fine Cyclo T-Series

Double stage high precision gearbox

Spur gear pre-stage and three eccentrics provide highest transmission accuracy, minimum speed ripples and minimum vibration.

Owing to optimized profile of the disc lobes, this exceptionally low-vibration gearbox reaches a very high transmission precision and provides a high degree of efficiency even in the low speed range

  • Less than 0.5 arcmin Lost Motion
  • Ideal for traverse movement applications
  • High input and output speeds possible
  • With integrated tapered roller bearings on output
  • Motor connection with keyway or clamping system on request
  • Motor adapter on request


  • F2C-T cylindrical housing
  • F2CF-T flange housing

Key Product Facts

11000 Nm
Acceleration Torque
8460 rpm
Input Speed
7 sizes

Advantages of Fine Cyclo T-Series

Smooth movement for traverse applications
Very small Moments of Inertia
High Efficiency

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