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Food and Beverage

Sumitomo meets the unique requirements of this industry unlike any other manufacturer, with a line-up of products that give you:

  • Maintenance free reliability
  • Precision and speed
  • Sanitary and safe products
  • Clean handling environments
  • High-pressure wash-down environments

Key Features


Reliable global infrastructure and support


Interconnected assembly centers worldwide


Experts in service and repair in your plant


Cost savings through a reduction of energy consumption


Japanese quality specifically for the Food and Beverage Industry


Join Food & Beverage Industry leaders who already trust Sumitomo

With Sumitomo equipment, we have reduced the consumption of electricity, which is to say: we have considerably saved on energy, allowing for the equipment to pay for itself. 

Granos Alimentos

Félix Porras

PaniFresh, Mexico

Granos Alimentos

Félix Porras

PaniFresh, Mexico